Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading Challenge!

Hey Everyone!
So I've decided to make a summer reading challenge for myself, partly because I'm looking for something fun to do, and also, because I was hoping to spice my blog up a bit and make it more interesting. Pretty much, I'm gonna try to read 20 books by the end of the summer and review each one! If you guys want to take part, I would LOVE to know what you're reading, so just comment on this post and list all the books you've read this summer and their authors once you finish this challenge or just the ones that you want me to review and I'll read, review them, and post the person's name who gave me the suggestion:) Good Luck!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Summer I Turned Pretty


TITLE The Summer I Turned Pretty
AUTHOR Jenny Han
RATING 10/10
Belly Conklin measures her life in summers. Summer is when she gets to go to Cousins beach, her home away from home. Cousins beach is where Susannah is. Cousins beach is where Susannah's sons are, Jeremiah and most importantly, Conrad.

Since the age of 10, Belly has been in love with Conrad, and everyone knew it. Unfortunately for her, he's never looked at her as more than a little sister. In the past, all that Belly's ever tried to do was get dark and careless Conrad to notice her, and now that Belly is coming back at the age of fifteen and looking gorgeous as ever, he just might.

On the other hand, there's Jeremiah, Conrad's cute and caring goofball of a brother who is quite the charmer and nothing but fun(the exact opposite of Conrad). He's always been Belly's best friend, but things change, Belly changed, Jeremiah changed(got wicked hott). He suddenly sees her as more than a friend, it's just a shame that she's too busy lusting for Conrad to notice Jere along the way.

This summer is different from all the rest. This summer there's something wrong with Susannah and it seems that everyone but Belly knows whats up. This summer there's divorce. This summer there's heartbreak. This is the summer where sickness, confusion, and tears turn sunny days dark. This summer Conrad and Jeremiah aren't the only ones that notice Belly's changes, and there's also a cutie named Cam throwing glances her way. This is the summer of first loves, second kisses, and being noticed. This is the summer that's different from all the rest, this is the summer that Belly turned pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is one of my fave books in the whole wide world (the other ones being the next two books in the series)!! I honestly reread this book every week; it's just so gosh darn good! Sarah Dessen was right when saying "the book has what every girl wants in a summer". One of the reasons this book is so close to my heart is because I guess it represents everything I'd want in a summer too, to leave school and come back and be transformed into that gorgeous girl that all the boys fall for with the bat of an eyelash...*sigh*.
The first time I read this book, I was left breathless. Correction: Every time I read this book, I am left breathless. This book is the PERFECT beach read. The characters are made perfect for the story, the storyline is perfectly executed, and I really loved watching the characters evolve over time. This book made me cling to every word ,and when I was done, I read it again.
I really loved how at random times in the book Belly has flashbacks from the past that help you understand the story line better. I think my favorite part though, was Belly herself. I can just relate to her so much(her boy problems), I feel like this book was written for me to read(hahha). I especially loved Conrad and Jeremiah. Conrad is so engaging, makes you hang on to every word that he speaks, and can melt your heart with one smile. Jeremiah is cute, funny, and can turn anyones mood around. I honestly wish I could just mix both of them together into one dream boy for me!

I also loved Belly and Susannah's relationship. She's like her second mother, her advisor, the one that Belly can tell everything to and get no judgement in return.

This is Belly's bittersweet story that made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. For all you people out there reading this, go to your nearest bookstore or library ASAP, because this read is not worth missing and will leave you extremely satisfied. Also, while you're at it, go ahead and get the next two books too, because once you finish this one, the wait for the next one will be torturous. BEST BOOK EVER!<3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here Goes Nothing..:)

WELCOME! I decided to make a blog for all you teens looking for good reads, because guess what? I'm one of them! I love cute books that make you laugh, cry, and all of the above just as much as any other girl. That's why I've decided to share some of my favorites in this blog. My goal is to hopefully one day act as a book guide...Oooh How Exciting! I've recently read so many AMAZING book blogs, so I guess you can say I was inspired to write one myself. I mean in all honesty, don't you guys ever dream about being the next Internet blogging sensation?! Well anyways, I do and you can't blame a girl for trying right?This is only my first post and truth be told I'm new to this whole world of blogging so bear with me here!:)<3